Let’s talk about Bitcoin and Blockchain


The term Bitcoin has two meanings. Most people use the term to refer to the cryptographic currency “Bitcoin”. Much more important, however, is the Bitcoin technology (the “Bitcoin protocol”). This is an open source application which is deployed to enable peer-to-peer transactions. The Bitcoin protocol in turn is the technical and organizational basis for the public blockchain.


Blockchains are distributed databases (shared public ledgers) recording transactions of participating clients. Each blockchain client device is a peer within the blockchain network running the Bitcoin software. Clients run the full and real-time updated database and can thus check and confirm transactions. Confirmed transactions are grouped into so-called blocks that form a chain of blocks – the blockchain. Currently more than 5,000 nodes are connected to the blockchain.

Key Advantages

Peer-to-peer computing enables direct transactions between blockchain clients and their wallets without intermediaries or central clearing authorities (eg. banks). It’s a means for cost-effective and highly secure real-time settlements of many kinds of transactions like payments or asset management. Thus blockchains are regarded as the backbone infrastructure of the “Internet of Things” and the key to reinvent financial services.

Our Investor Proposition

BitRush™ sees significant market potential across all geographies for peer-to-peer transaction services based on blockchain technologies. BitRush™ believes that it can provide new leadership and innovation in a trillion-dollar market by providing a new peer-to-peer approach to electronic payment networks and digital asset management markets that previously did not exist, and by harnessing the connectivity of a growing mobile-internet.

The BitRush™ Proposition is to deliver strong growth, building a global network for digital asset management and payment services. By empowering our clients and by delivering more value to each individual than we expect to receive in return, we can build a network of lasting relationships in the payment and digital asset management market. We believe that investing in this relationship can deliver significant value to our shareholders over the long-term, creating a reflexive global-revenue model with scalable services, while also benefiting an entire network of stakeholders.

We make money by selling our technology enabled services to individuals and businesses. By patenting our technologies, we protect our market position and know-how.


It’s fascinating in really early stages, but it’s hard to see a world where blockchain technology doesn’t change the way we think about asset ownership.

Heath Terry

Research Analyst, Goldman Sachs

Firms are dealing with greater requirements for reporting, transparency, and dissemination of data. Costs have gone up and revenues have gone down. Blockchain technology really gets to the core of all those issues.

Blythe Masters

CEO, Digital Asset

Let’s talk about the BitRush offer!

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

AdServices & Digital Asset Management

BitRush™ AdServices™ allow registered website publishers to serve automatic text, image or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to a site’s audience. Ad spaces can be considered as a class of digital asset that constitute an important revenue source for publishers. BitRush™ operates self-directed and fully automated auction platforms based on its proprietary blockchain technology, BitCore™. BitRush™ AdServices™ are much cheaper and more effective than traditional “moderated” systems, such as Google AdSense. Therefor we offer lower cost and higher ROI for advertisers.

Payment Services

BitRush™ offers online publishers and merchants the possibility to accept cryptocurrency as the payment method. Currently, for example, BitRush™ clears payments between 11,000 advertisers and 30,000 website publishers. BitRush™ has already taken over the management of micropayments for some gaming and entertainment sites. Within the next couple of weeks BitRush™ will launch consumer payment services to enable individuals to pay for everyday expenses, products and services directly from their wallet.


Growth Strategy

Bitcoin technology & Blockchain are new phenomena and therefore the market is still fragmented. Our growth strategy is to develop our existing blockchain based services into new customer segments and existing communities like WordPress. BitRush™ intends to acquire additional market share through targeted acquisitions of competitors and promising startups.


Going Forward

We are working hard to expand our business and grow our numbers. To achieve our growth targets our business development is constantly screening the markets for new opportunities to deploy our Bitcoin technologies. We support customers and partners to develop their existing business into a “blockchain enabled” business.

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