TORONTO, ONTARIO, November 3, 2015 – BitRush Corp. (“BitRush” or the “Corporation”) (CSE:BRH) is proud to announce the successful migration of recently acquired ad broker platform AdBit ( into its corporate infrastructure. As announced in the press release issued on October 13, 2015, BitRush has taken over the Bitcoin based ad broker platform AdBit. Over the last couple of weeks, the assets have been migrating into the BitRush infrastructure, i.e. the domain, the application, the customer base as well as the business itself have been successfully migrated to BitRush as of the end of October 2015.

On average AdBit currently delivers 40 million ad impressions per day and processes up to 30 million requests per day. AdBit receives a commission for each brokered ad space. The brokerage is based on Bitcoin as clearing currency. As of end of October 2015, AdBit’s average gross profit per day is $300 (more than $100,000 annually) earned from more than 29,000 registered customers (website owners). Right now AdBit is used by Bitcoin related websites.

The BitRush team is working on the completion of a new version of AdBit which is anticipated to go live in December 2015. The new version will offer a variety of new features to improve services and to address new markets. In conjunction with the new AdBit version, a WordPress plugin will be offered for download. The plugin will allow publishers of WordPress sites to sell their advertising space on AdBit to monetize their content. The AdBit plugin is positioned to address the global WordPress community with its approximately 75 million websites and 18 billion page views per month. Thus the AdBit WordPress plugin is a tool to access new markets outside the Bitcoin ecosphere driving up the number of customers as well as the volume of brokerage transactions.

The advantage of AdBit compared to other ad broker systems like Google Adsense, Chitika or RevenueHits is that the commission is much lower, there is no minimum payout, payouts are paid realtime and payment fees are nearly zero. BitRush is convinced that Bitcoin and the Blockchain are a perfect platform for highly efficient and secure brokerage and payment services.